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The Top Home Design Trends of 2020

With each new year comes exciting, new home design trends coming into fashion and yesterday’s trends being given the boot. Here at Miramonte Homes, your go-to Arizona home builder, we want our customers to be in the know. To that end, here are a few of the latest trends for 2020, and a few passé home design styles that have fallen from favor, which you might want to avoid.

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2020 Home Design Trends: What’s In & What’s Out?

Out: Perfection

These days, people are gravitating toward spaces with a mixture of surfaces, references to the old and the new, melded into care-worn, wood, and fabric-heavy living spaces. The good news is you can relax a bit more. The bad news is perfectionists may feel an urge to buck the trend.

In: Layers of Old and New

Old design elements like crown molding and classic bookshelves remain fashionable with no change in sight. At the same time, many new Arizona homeowners are looking to incorporate newer design elements in their new modern homes such as track lighting, chrome, and skylights to create a blend that gives a tip of the hat to the successes of the past as well as to more recent advances.

Out: Pallid Monochromatics

Metal will always be in fashion and will always have its place. But the overabundance of metal on metal sameness has left many new home buyers and renovators cold. These days, the use of the more common metals should be utilitarian, but spare- and most importantly- not exhibiting bland over-use of the same metallic colors.

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In: Bold Monochromatics

Monochromatic does not mean “boring”, it means “one color.” That said, your use of metals does not have to be cold, sterile, robotic, or repetitive. Metals have always been a great way to breathe life into rooms, especially gold, brass, silver, bronze, and similar royal metallics are always marvelous materials for use in creating vivid accents that command attention.

Out: Standard White with Trim

We’ve seen standard white walls and trim in the same-old average off, or eggshell white for centuries. In today’s more vibrant world of home trends, pushing the easy-style-button isn’t good enough. These days, we like to see more variety of colors, at least different shades. That includes molding types. In new modern homes, we want to see more than a single lip or panel, but a variety of edges for something worth painting with different shades or tones and colors. 

In: Terrazzo Flooring

You’ve seen it at airports and hotels, but Terrazzo has the ability to be quite homey while adding both ease of cleaning, and that artistic/professional touch that we can’t get enough of. There are many different patterns of colors and shapes available to suit your preferences and fit well within your design plans.

Out: Concrete Floors

Like the overuse of monochromatic metal, the heavy reliance on cold, hard, laminated concrete has been overdone since the late 90s, when it became popular. The effect can be appropriate for businesses or corporate spaces. But it leaves homes cold, literally sucking the heat right out of the room.

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We’ve got lots more to say about the latest trends! To learn more about the Miramonte difference, get in touch with Miramonte Homes, Arizona’s favorite custom home builder. We have offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, Arizona.