Exploring the Perks of Synthetic Stucco

Stucco is widely considered to be among the most architecturally beautiful finishes available for homes. Stucco is a versatile material for both interior and exterior applications. It can be customized for a variety of textures and finishes. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to traditional stucco, which is why many modern homeowners prefer synthetic stucco.

Synthetic stucco offers superior insulation for your home.

Energy efficiency is critically important these days. Even if it isn’t your top priority to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment, you undoubtedly find the prospect of lower utility bills to be appealing. Synthetic stucco inhibits undesired air transfer, which improves your energy efficiency. It also helps your home stay cooler and it helps your family stay more comfortable during the summer.

Synthetic stucco is built with a durable, yet lightweight construction.

When you purchase a move-in ready home, you want to be reassured that its construction will stay durable for years to come. Compared to traditional stucco, synthetic stucco is remarkably lightweight. However, it’s also more durable and resilient. Thanks to its slightly elastic properties, synthetic stucco resists hairline cracks better than traditional stucco.

Synthetic stucco retains its beautiful color.

Your house is your pride and joy, and you want it to look beautiful for years to come. Synthetic stucco is a great choice for homeowners concerned about aesthetics. Traditional stucco has a tendency to fade and become yellowish over time, especially when it’s improperly installed. In contrast, synthetic stucco will never fade or acquire a yellowish hue. It retains its beautiful color and textural properties. However, if you wish to change the color at some point in the future, you can paint over it.

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