How to Set Up an Efficient Kitchen

Whether you love to cook and want the most efficient set-up possible to crafting your gourmet meals, or you hate to cook and want to get out of the kitchen as soon as possible, how you organize your space matters. When you move into your new custom home, take the time to set up your kitchen to be as efficient as possible, so you can get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of the space. These tips will help you set up your kitchen so it is as functional as possible.

Put the Silverware Near the Dishwasher

Ideally, your silverware drawer should be near your dishwasher. This makes it as convenient as possible when you’re emptying clean loads. If you don’t have a dishwasher, then choose a drawer near the sink, since that is where you will be doing dishes. Use a silverware holder in your drawer to keep things neat and organized. Don’t overload the segments of the holder. If you have extra pieces that don’t fit, put them elsewhere so you can pull them out as needed for dinner parties.

Keep Dishes Centrally Located Between the Sink and Oven

Dishes should be handy for plating things as they come out of the oven and for unloading from the dishwasher. If your oven and dishwasher are on opposite sides of the space, think about your habits before making a decision. For example, if you always allow people to plate their own food at the table, then having dishes closer to the dishwasher may be more efficient than keeping them by the oven.

Use Shelves to Free Up Storage Space

Storage space is always at a premium in kitchens. Give yourself room to grow by adding shelves to walls and even inside cabinets, so you can maximize the space. A pot rack or shelf will also boost your storage space while keeping things organized.

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