Arizona Real Estate:
A Bright Future Ahead

The last decade has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my more than 30-year career in real estate and home building.

The national recession and the challenging real estate market in Arizona have been difficult. Driven by foreclosures and excessive inventory, a sizable number of builders and real estate companies made the decision that Arizona is not the place to make future investments.

We at  Miramonte couldn’t disagree more. In fact, during the historic recession and real estate downturn, Miramonte companies continued to expand operations, building more quality home developments.

One might ask, why continue in such tough times? The answer is because Arizona is our home, and we are more than willing to be on Arizona’s future. We are a company founded on experience, talent, a sense of community and customer service.

We know that if you build world-class quality, ensure a seamless community fit and provide outstanding service, customers will buy your homes in any market. These principles are what Miramonte has been following for decades, and it’s what we will continue to do in the future.

Arizona will always attract people who want to live in a state with a tremendous quality of life, and Miramonte will continue to work hard to provide our fellow Arizonans with the homes they need to realize their dreams of living and working here.

We at Miramonte know the future is bright for Arizona.


-Chris Kemmerly