Tips for Going Green in Your New Home

You’ve finally moved into your dream home, and now it’s time to decorate and personalize it. Home trends come and go, but going green is here to stay. Green homes not only minimize the impact on the environment and natural resources, but they also save homeowners money. There are a couple of major areas to consider: Water conservation and energy efficiency.

Solar Panels

One of Arizona’s most plentiful natural resources is year-round sunshine. Consider having solar panels installed to take advantage of it. Solar panels do require a large upfront investment, but they’ll pay for themselves over time. And if you capture more solar energy than your home uses, you could even sell it back into the grid.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Choose low-flow fixtures for your new home’s kitchen and bathrooms. Look for faucets with aerators, which maintain a strong flow without needlessly wasting water. Always shut off the water when you’re not using it and get leaks fixed right away. Choose low-flow showerheads and toilets.

Energy-Efficient Lights

Use LED lights in your new home. They’ll last longer, which saves you money. They’re also far more energy efficient than other options.

Rainwater Collection

In Arizona, it’s legal to capture rainwater and store it for later use. You may wish to install a cistern system that transfers rooftop water runoff into rain barrels. Ideally, set up your water collection system before the next monsoon season. You can use the rainwater for landscaping purposes.

Smart Home Technology

Home automation technology makes desert living more convenient and eco-friendly. Consider turning your new home into a smart home. You’ll be able to adjust your thermostat and turn off your lights from anywhere. You could even install automated window treatments, which you can program to shut during the day to block out the sun and keep your home cooler.

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