Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Moving Day

Getting a custom home is exciting, but the actual process of moving can be stressful. With a little planning, however, you can take the stress out of moving day and get ready to enjoy your new home faster. Get excited about moving into your custom home with these steps for making moving easier.

Start Early

A lot of the stress that comes with moving day has to do with things that come up at the last minute. You can feel more in control of the process by starting early. Set a schedule for accomplishing everything from packing to switching your utilities to your new address, and stick to it. You can pack up the rooms you don’t use that often well in advance and do other small tasks a little at a time so that things don’t feel so overwhelming when the day actually arrives.

Make Plans for Kids and Pets

Moving is especially stressful for kids and pets, and their stress can make your anxiousness feel even more intense. If you’re moving locally, schedule a playdate for your kids and leave your pets at a kennel or with a trusted friend. With them occupied, you’ll be able to focus on the process of moving without worrying about what they are doing. This can be safer as well, especially for pets, who are prone to running away because of the anxiety of moving day.

Turn to Professionals

Saving a few dollars by roping friends into helping you move is hardly worth the additional stress of trying to move on your own can cause. Hiring professional movers is money well spent. It reduces the risk of damage as items are carried into your custom home and speeds up the process of unloading the truck, so you can focus on unpacking.

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