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Building a Brand New Miramonte Home

A brand new Miramonte built home is more than just a residence for the owners: it’s a clean slate to start over. You get to choose the features of your home and add your creative flourish to the rooms and the design. Before you get started on finding an Arizona home builder, though, we’ll give you the 101 info you need to keep in mind.

Choosing a Builder

There are two broad categories for a home builder. A production builder will have a list of standard floor plans for you to choose from. You still get to pick your favorite options, but the builder will be somewhat limited in terms of what they can do. A custom builder, as the name suggests, will have more range. It may not be created 100% from scratch because the builder may only be able to do certain floor plans. However, it will be more of a collaborative effort between architect and buyer.

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Plan Your Location

Just as with regular real estate, location matters as much as the home builder does. Custom builders may have a little more flexibility when it comes to choosing your location. A production builder may only be able to build on lots that they’ve already purchased. Some communities may set aside an area for custom-built homes, so it may take some calls to find out more about your options.

Pick Your Design

What height should your cabinets be at? How much lighting do you need in each room? What kind of appliances will be the most functional for you? Would you like a full bath on the first floor or a powder room? These are questions that most builders can accommodate, even if they have a limited number of floor plans to choose from. You have the final say, but the right home builder can make suggestions and make the questions a lot easier to handle.

Opt for Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient homes are all the rage right now. That’s because they’re as practical for the buyer as they are for the environment. Insulation, windows, air filtration: the whole structure will be built with conserving your utility bills. You can also cut back on the number of volatile organic compounds used in the home. These fumes can be harmful to our health, especially after long-term exposure.

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Community Type

An infill lot is usually reserved for urban life, while a planned community may offer owners more space and amenities. With the former, you’ll get all the diversity and excitement that a bustling city can bring. With the latter, you may get more designated green space or recreational facilities (e.g., fitness center, swimming pool, etc.).

The Miramonte Difference

Whether you’re considering the Tucson or Flagstaff area, Miramonte Homes can help you strike the right balance if you’re looking for a custom home builder. New homes AZ may not always be simple to create, but we streamline the process wherever possible, so you get exactly what you’re looking for.