Miramonte Barrio Viejo

Miramonte Barrio Viejo

With Miramonte’s latest development—Miramonte Barrio Viejo—you can immerse yourself in Tucson’s living history. With just 13 distinctive townhomes conveniently located near downtown Tucson, you won’t want to miss out on this extremely rare and unique housing opportunity! Learn more about this neighborhood by visiting our website or calling (520) 631-4416. 

The History of Barrio Viejo

Barrio Viejo is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the American Southwest, not for its wealth or opulence, but rather for its rich history and unique character. Many of the homes and businesses of Barrio Viejo are rebuilt or renovated adobe buildings dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, when Tucson was still a very young city. Barrio Viejo was built up as a residential community just south of the business district in Tucson’s current downtown area. It was home to rich cultural diversity with residents from America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Tucson’s Oldest Neighborhood

Barrio Viejo translates from Spanish to “Old Neighborhood.” This is a fitting name, since the area is definitively Tucson’s oldest established neighborhood. Its growth was largely sparked by the building of the Southern Pacific Railroad, which brought new commerce and business to this formerly humble, dusty Arizona village. Barrio Viejo contained many firsts for Arizona, including the state’s first synagogue and the first theater dedicated to presenting dramatic works in Spanish—just two hallmarks of the cultural diversity of this neighborhood. 

Changes in the Mid-20th Century

Unfortunately, by the mid-1960s, many of the buildings in Barrio Viejo had fallen into disrepair. While some were renovated and revitalized, many were torn down to make way for the Tucson Convention Center, which now separates much of the remaining Barrio from the rest of downtown. 

Preservation of Tucson’s Heritage 

Many efforts have been taken to retain the historic importance of Barrio Viejo, which now contains the largest collection of adobe homes and buildings anywhere in the U.S. As new buildings and businesses have arrived in the neighborhood, they have worked to renovate existing structures or replicate their historic charm in new constructions.